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News Archive - January 2008

An important note to readers

 [Posted 30-Jan-2008]

Hey everyone. If you've sent me an email recently, and you're wondering why I haven't answered you yet, it's because I am in deadline hell right now. I will catch up on my outstanding mail after February 11th. Thank you so much for writing, I truly appreciate it, and I promise to reply just as soon as Hammer of God is finished.

But -- an important caveat. Some people have been writing to ask me if I'll read their manuscripts and critique them, or give them detailed writing advice. I am so so sorry,  but I can't do that. Not only are there legal implications, but I truly am beyond insanely pushed with deadlines right now and I simply can't take that time out to help you. I wish I could, I do understand your feelings, but I have to be selfish right now and put me first. Please read through the FAQ and Writing tips pages -- you may be able to find some answers there.

Innocent Mage tops in the UK

 [Posted 19-Jan-2008]

Exciting news just in: The Innocent Mage (Kingmaker, Kingbreaker bk 1) was the #1 SFF debut title in the UK for 2007.

Enormous thanks are owed to Orbit for their wonderful support of the book, and to the booksellers who talked about it, and the readers who bought it. Thanks also to Voyager, who got the ball rolling by buying it in the first place back in 2003! 

That silence you hear ...

 [Posted 19-Jan-2008]

... is the sound of me typing my fingers to the bone!

Do No Harm is done, save for some last finishing touches. Look for a sample chapter soon. Hammer of God (Godspeaker bk 3) is in rewrite, full steam ahead.

Once those 2 projects are cleared, look for some titivating of the website and some more exciting news. Also more in the Fantastic Women series, shamefully neglected as the deadlines have been biting hard.

In the meantime, happy reading!