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Are you waiting to hear from me?

 [Posted 22-Jan-2009]

I've got some reader mail stacked in my To Be Answered file just now -- and I do apologise if yours is one of them. I'm madly finishing Prodigal Mage, and this weekend I'm at the Aurealis Awards -- The Riven Kingdom is shortlisted for Best Fantasy Novel. But I'll be playing catch up next week. In the meantime, thanks for your understanding.

Working hard

 [Posted 19-Jan-2009]

Right now I'm in the closing stages of The Prodigal Mage, book 1 of Fisherman's Children, which is the two-part sequel to Kingmaker, Kingbreaker. Basically this means I bury myself in the study and only emerge for food and bathroom breaks and the occasional LJ comment. So if you've sent me an email recently there's every chance I've received it -- but haven't had a chance to respond.  So if that's you wondering why I've not emailed back, I am sorry. Reader emails keep me going when the going gets tough and I love you all for it. Please hang in there. I'll be playing mail catch up next week.

Orbit Competition

 [Posted 17-Jan-2009]

Well, to celebrate the official release of Hammer of God and The Accidental Sorcerer into the wild in the US and UK, my lovely publisher Orbit has put together a great competition. So if you'd like to enter, please go here .

Some writing questions answered

 [Posted 11-Jan-2009]

Some of the great folk who read my blog sent me some questions about writing, and I've answered them here . If you've got a question you'd like answered, please feel free to add it to the comments section and I'll get onto it asap.

Orbit's EBook promotion

 [Posted 06-Jan-2009]

Orbit. my US/UK publisher, is currently running an EBook promotion -- and one of the books you can buy for the crazy price of just $1 is Empress, book 1 of the Godspeaker trilogy. Other authors featured in the deal include Ian M Banks and Brent Weeks. If you're into this newfangled technology and want some fine fiction  for a spectacular price, get yourself over to this website for the full skinny.

Another rant about writing ...

 [Posted 05-Jan-2009]

Has been added to the About Writing page of this website. Several lovely people have written to let me know how much they've enjoyed my various ruminations on the writing process. I'm so pleased about that. And I will be doing more as the year progresses. I've had a request to witter on about my rewriting process, so that'll be up next. Stay tuned ...