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A Blight of Mages is done!

 [Posted 31-Jan-2011]

Final pages have gone back to Voyager, I've tweaked the back cover copy, and now it's a case of waiting to see the finished product. Wow, what a task it's been to get this book done. I was sick, I was away, I was still sick, I was away again, and then I was still sick even though I thought I was getting better! Yikes! But it's done now and it's hands down the biggest book I've written yet. Now all I can do is hope that you guys enjoy it ...

A Blight of Mages releases in Australia/New Zealand in paperback this May, and in hardcover in the US/UK in August. I'll be updating the website with covers and info asap.

Romantic Times Booklovers' Convention 2011

 [Posted 31-Jan-2011]

I had such a great time at the 2010 con that I'm going back this year! And this year, before the convention starts, I'll be teaching workshops beforehand ... always fun! Few things delight me more than hanging out with writers, talking about writing.

This year the con's in April, in Los Angeles. You can get full details here . It would be lovely to see you there.

A Blight of Mages in hardcover!

 [Posted 08-Jan-2011]

Well, it's coming up to release day in the US and the UK for A Blight of Mages. The covers are a little bit different, and I include them here.

In other news, I'm finishing the final polish of Wizard Undercover, which will be out next year. This year has been tricky, with a lot of boring health stuff slowing me down, but it seems I'm firing on all cylinders again, so stay tuned ...


 US edition

 BoMUS [thumb]


 UK edition

Blight UK [thumb]

Happy New Year

 [Posted 01-Jan-2011]

So that's 2010 done and dusted. It was a tough year, for many reasons, but now it's time to look forward with optimism! Just now in the throes of completing my polish of Blight. Stay tuned for the shrieks of relief when it's done. Then I can catch up on reader mail. Your patience is, as ever, appreciated.

In the meantime, I hope you and yours enjoy a safe and successful 2011 full of love and contentment.