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Another interview

 [Posted 26-Oct-2007]

Karen recently did a round robin interview for, in which a bunch of interesting questions were asked of some new fantasy authors. You can read the results here .

Karen appearing at the Newtown Festival

 [Posted 25-Oct-2007]

This year's Newtown Festival, on Sunday November 11, will feature a writers' panel on creating fantastic fantasy words. Karen will be joining fellow authors Traci Harding and Ian Irvine in talking about how their fantastic worlds come to life. You can find out more by going here .

Orbit cover for Godspeaker book 1

 [Posted 19-Oct-2007]

For those of you who delight in such things, the US/UK cover for Godspeaker Bk 1: Empress (aka Empress of Mijak in Australia/NZ) is available for your perusal.

Pretty striking, eh? It's the same team who did the US/UK Kingmaker, Kingbreaker covers ... and yet again, they've found the magic. 

The Riven Kingdom: a sample chapter

 [Posted 18-Oct-2007]

The first chapter of Godspeaker Book 2: The Riven Kingdom, is now available to read on the Books page.

Or you can click here to be taken there directly. 

The Riven Kingdom will be released in Australia/New Zealand this December, and will come out in the US and UK in 2008. 

Kingmaker, Kingbreaker books continue in the charts

 [Posted 18-Oct-2007]

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, many thanks are owed to the wonderful fantasy fans of the US and the UK. The Awakened Mage (aka Innocence Lost) was #1 in the UK again last week, and this week sits at #2. The Innocent Mage went back into the top 10, as well. In the US, the books sit at #5 and #6 in the charts.

This author is touched and humbled. Thank you all. 

A new interview ...

 [Posted 11-Oct-2007]

There's a new interview available from Falcata Times, full of me rabbiting on about myself! Seriously, Gareth asked some great questions and I had a lot of fun with this one. You can check it out here .

More Kingmaker, Kingbreaker books on the horizon

 [Posted 10-Oct-2007]

I'm thrilled to announce that following the conclusion of the Godspeaker trilogy I'll be returning to the kingdom of Lur and its characters. In a deal done with HarperVoyager (Australia/New Zealand) and Orbit (US/UK), there'll be a standalone prequel telling the story of Morgan and Barl, and a double-barrelled sequel followiing on from the events of Innocence Lost/The Awakened Mage. The sequel is due to be published first.

Roll on 2009, when the first book will come out! And many, many, many thanks to the readers of fantasy fiction who've made this exciting announcement possible.

The Awakened Mage is #1 in the UK

 [Posted 03-Oct-2007]

The Awakened Mage has hit #1 in the Science Fiction and Fantasy mass market charts in the UK. What a huge delight! Thanks to Orbit and all the wonderful readers of the UK!

Karen's guest writer at Writers' Dock

 [Posted 02-Oct-2007]

All this week I'm the guest writer at the wonderful writers' resource website Writers Dock. It's a free community to join, designed to encourage and celebrate writing and writers. Please drop by and see what's cooking in my guest forum, and while you're there consider joining the Writers Dock community. If you do you can post your own questions, and I can answer them, and we'll have a lot of fun!

You can reach the website here

The Innocent Mage at #2 in the US

 [Posted 02-Oct-2007]

And no, my feet have yet to touch the ground. Thanks are owed to the wonderful people at Orbit, who've done such a great job in promoting the book, and the booksellers who believe them and ordered it in, and of course the reading public of the USA. Wow. Guys, I am so grateful. Thanks for buying, thanks for reading, thanks for talking about it in your blogs and saying nice things about it on Amazon. From the bottom of my heart, a million, trillion thanks.