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Catching up

 [Posted 23-Oct-2009]

Well, life doesn't get any less busy! Wizard Squared is done and dusted, Siege is off for its first round edit, and Reluctant Mage is well under way.

Which of course means I'm behind on reader mail again. If you've emailed me and you're still waiting for a reply, I do apologise. I will answer you as soon as I can! In the meantime, thank you so much.

A quick update

 [Posted 11-Oct-2009]

Hey everyone. This is a flyby update on the state of my world. First of all, yes, I'm back to collecting a backlog of wonderful reader mail. If you've written me recently thank you, so very much. I will reply as soon as I get out from under the avalanche, I promise. I just need to get a couple of projects off my desk.

In projects completed, I can announce that Wizard Squared, the 3rd Rogue Agent novel, is now done and dusted. It's out earlyish next year.

Right now I'm finishing up my final Star Wars novel, and then I'll be tackling the sequel to Prodigal Mage. That means the next 5 weeks will be nothing but work, work, work -- so again, I apologise if you're waiting to hear from me.

Once those 2 things are done I can take a breath and look at catching up. There's info on this site that needs updating but all I can think of right now is getting the work done. Roll on 2010 when finally things can slow down a bit.

In the meantime, thank you for your ongoing support. It means the world.