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 [Posted 21-Nov-2008]

I've just done a couple of new interviews, which are now available for reading. Alas, I'm still having linky troubles, so to find them please click on the link on the header bar to get to my blog, and that'll put you through. Enjoy!

Home again!

 [Posted 12-Nov-2008]

Some people leave their hearts in San Francisco. I left my voice in Paris. Yes, I travelled to the other side of the world to get as sick as a dog with bronchitis. But even so, it was a fabulous trip and I had a great time with the people from Fleuv Noir, my French publisher. And I thoroughly enjoyed Utopiales, the sf festival in historic Nantes. Now my nose is back to the grindstone. I've just finished Witches Inc., book 2 of the Rogue Agent series, and am now finishing The Prodigal Mage. No rest for the wicked! I know I owe some people mail, and I apologise for the delay. Please bear with me -- I'll be writing back soon.

Launching Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Wild Space

 [Posted 12-Nov-2008]

Galaxy Bookshop in the Sydney CBD is holding a coming out party for my first Star Wars novel, Wild Space. The launch is on Saturday December 6th, at 11 am. If you can make it in, that would be great -- but if you can't, and you'd like a signed copy of the book, give them a call on 02 9267 7222 and they'll arrange for me to a sign a copy for you so it can sent to you via  mail order.