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And it's back to work time!

 [Posted 25-Nov-2009]

After a little breathing space finishing the primary draft of Reluctant Mage, it's now time to get cracking again. That means rewriting Reluctant Mage and the final Star Wars novel, Siege. Both tasks of immense satisfaction. Rewriting is da bomb!

I'll be working my way through the mail backlog in the next couple of weeks, too. As ever, your support and patience are magnificent.

The Reluctant Mage

 [Posted 15-Nov-2009]

Hey everyone. Just  a quick update to let you know The Reluctant Mage is written. It'll go for a rewrite next, but the hardest work on it is done.  If you've been waiting for me to answer your reader mail, this would be why I'm being so slow!

I'll be catching up with the backlog ASAP. In the meantime, as always, thank you all so very much. Your kindness and support really keep me going when the deadlines are hitting me on the head like anvils!