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Happy New Year

 [Posted 31-Dec-2007]

So here's the end of another year. Farewell, amazing 2007. Welcome, unknown 2008.

Thank you everyone, for reading my books and writing me such lovely letters. I can't express what your support means to me. Wherever you are, whatever your plans  for the new year, I hope you have a wonderful celebration ... and that 2008 fulfills your wildest dreams! 

Dragonpage podcast interview

 [Posted 31-Dec-2007]

If you'd like to hear the podcast of me being interviewed by the wonderful people at DragonPage, go here .

Merry Christmas, everyone!

 [Posted 25-Dec-2007]

It's Christmas Day in the land of Oz ... and maybe where you are too. If not, it's Christmas Eve.

Seasons greetings to you all ... may you and your families enjoy a peaceful, safe and blessed holiday season.