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A Blight of Mages - Australian cover

 [Posted 24-Feb-2011]

And here's a cover to whet your appetite, I hope! Kudos to artist Greg Bridges and the Voyager design team for doing a spectacular job. A Blight of Mages releases in Australia in May.


Blight Voyager [main]

Are you an unpublished writer?

 [Posted 19-Feb-2011]

A lot of folk write to me asking for help with getting published. Often I can't be terribly helpful, mainly because I'm not a publisher. But right now I can point you in a helpful direction. I'd like to note that Angry Robot isn't my publisher. I have no insight or influence there beyond this information. But with so many more writers with unpublished manuscripts than there are slots at a single publishing house (like mine, which is spectacular and always my first recommendation) to take them on, I think this is important news so I'm sharing.

More about the subject here!

Catching Up

 [Posted 08-Feb-2011]

With Blight finally put to bed, and the next Rogue Agent well under way, I'm ready to do a big catch up on backlogged reader mail. So if you're waiting for me to reply, I thank you for your patience! You'll be hearing from me soon.