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The Reluctant Mage is done

 [Posted 19-Mar-2010]

And so the galleys are corrected, and Reluctant Mage (sequel to The Prodigal Mage) is done. I'm happy and sad, because it's hard to say goodbye to these characters. The book will be out later this year in Australia, the US and the UK.

Stealth goes back to press

 [Posted 17-Mar-2010]

A month after its release, Star Wars The Clone Wars Gambit: Stealth has gone back to reprint. Thank you, everyone! That's a lovely thing to happen.

What's next!

 [Posted 12-Mar-2010]

And so I can finally make the big announcement. I've just agreed to a 7 book deal with my wonderful US/UK publisher Orbit. The deal comprises 2 more Rogue Agent adventures, and a 5-volume epic fantasy adventure: The Tarnished Crown. Volume one will be out in 2012. All these books will be published by Orbit in the US, UK and Australia.

In other news, I've now put Clone Wars Gambit: Siege to bed, which means my time in the Star Wars sandbox is finished for the time being. I'm about to finish up with Reluctant Mage, and then complete Blight of Mages, and that will bring my time in the world of Lur to an end, too. 

Yikes! All these endings!

A lot of time will go into heavy research for The Tarnished Crown quintet. I'm looking forward to it.