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Innocent Mage #1 again

 [Posted 26-Apr-2007]

Incredibly, The Innocent Mage remains the #1 UK spec fic bestseller this week. I wish I could run around hugging every bookseller who got behind the book, and every reader who took a punt on the unknown author. It's turning into an amazing ride.

The Innocent Mage hits #1

 [Posted 18-Apr-2007]

Thanks to the amazing efforts of Orbit, Waterstones and every great bookseller in the land, and incredible support from the reading public, The Innocent Mage is now the #1 bestselling SFF title in the UK.

There's not much to say about that except: Thank you! 

In fact, Orbit hold the top 3 slots in the UK this week. Jim Butcher's Proven Guilty is #2, and Elizabeth Moon's Command Decision is #3. These are 2 fine authors, so if you've not read their work before ... why not give it a whirl? 

The Innocent Mage goes to UK reprint

 [Posted 14-Apr-2007]

After a week on the shelves in the UK, The Innocent Mage has gone to a second print run. Enormous credit is owed to the Orbit design team and cover artist David Wyatt, who put together a terrific looking book!

Talking about The Innocent Mage

 [Posted 12-Apr-2007]

Orbit have made available a brief video interview with Karen that was conducted during her short stay in London last November. If you're interested in seeing what a jetlagged writer looks like, and want to hear about the book from the horse's mouth, you can go here .

A nice way to start ...

 [Posted 12-Apr-2007]

The Innocent Mage has debuted at #2 on the UK SFF bestseller charts. It was just 7 copies sold short of coming in at #1. An exciting start ...

The Innocent Mage gets its first UK review

 [Posted 11-Apr-2007]

It's always a nerve-wracking time, waiting for reaction to a novel. Any author who says they don't care what people think of their stories is, well, kidding themselves! So it comes as a great relief to discover that the first UK reviewer of Kingmaker, Kingbreaker Bk 1: The Innocent Mage, enjoyed the read. She gave it 4 stars out of 5 and had this to say in summary:

Rich, traditional fantasy making a good use of all the ingredients of the genre, with strong characters, coherent world and enough drama to hold attention; this well told and entertaining debut comes recommended for fans of fantasy.

The full review can be found here

The Innocent Mage sets sail in the UK

 [Posted 05-Apr-2007]

Well, it's official! Kingmaker, Kingbreaker book 1: The Innocent Mage, is now on sale in the UK. That's the cue for my knees to start knocking! It's available in all good bookshops, especially Waterstones, and online from Amazon UK.