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Empress of Mijak hits the shelves

 [Posted 30-May-2007]

Well, it's L-Day. Launch Day. The most nerve-wracking moment for any author. Empress of Mijak goes on sale today throughout Australia and, soon, New Zealand. Needless to say, I hope readers enjoy it! It's a departure from the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker books, insofar as the world is very different and the characters are more confronting. Also, there's blood. Lots and lots and lots of blood. So if you're squeamish, don't say you weren't warned! *g*

First review for Empress of Mijak

 [Posted 27-May-2007]

Empress of Mijak (Godspeaker bk 1) launches in Australia next week. Queensland's Cairnes Weekend Post has this to say:

'This is the first in an exciting new fantasy series, Godspeaker, which follows the life of a bratty girl-child as she struggles to overcome her beginnings. Miller has created a fascinating, harsh world where "God" is everywhere, its "Godspeakers" manifest signs, scorpions are the god incarnate and people's lives are circumscribed by a vicious and violent culture. Hekat, the terrified girl from the savage north, is sold to passing slave traders, setting in motion a set of unforseeable events. There is a distinct feeling that Hekat is not entirely sane. The severe religiosity of the world of Mijak could be seen as a parallel to parts of our world; but it is best read for what it is: a finely detailed, completely new world. Can't wait for the next one.
Verdict: If you like fantasy, get your hands on this one.

Thank you, Courier Post! And thanks to Barbara Holten, who kindly alerted me to the review. 

Innocent Mage continues good performance

 [Posted 24-May-2007]

And still, thanks to the fantastic support of UK booksellers and readers, The Innocent Mage is in the bestseller list, at #5. Not much to say except ... gosh. And thank you.

It's Tulips in Amsterdam!

 [Posted 24-May-2007]

The Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duology has sold to Dutch publishers Luitingh-Sijthoff, for publication in 2008. I'm thrilled to be in the company of other great Aussie authors like Juliet Marillier, Ian Irvine and Fiona McIntosh.

The Innocent Mage UK goes back to reprint

 [Posted 15-May-2007]

Thanks to the amazing efforts of the Orbit UK sales team and the booksellers of Old Blighty, Innocent Mage has gone back for a second reprint 6 weeks after its initial release. That's pretty overwhelming ... and the author blows you all a great big kiss.

The Innocent Mage remains in the UK Top 10

 [Posted 11-May-2007]

After 3 weeks in the top spot on the charts, The Innocent Mage came in at #4 this week. Congratulations to the authors of the new top 3, and thanks to everyone who kept on buying my book to keep it so high on the bestseller list.

Sacre bleue and Gott in Himmel!

 [Posted 09-May-2007]

The Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duology has been sold for publication in France and Germany. The deal was struck with mega-publishers Poche and Blanvalet at the recent London Book Fair. Enormous thanks to HarperCollins Voyager (Australia) for the hard work on this. No publication dates yet, but when I know, you'll know!

The Innocent Mage UK #1 for the third week

 [Posted 04-May-2007]

The Innocent Mage is at the top of the UK spec fic bestseller list for the 3rd week in a row. Amazing. Huge huge thanks to the Orbit sales team, to all the UK booksellers who've supported the title, and to the reading public of Great Britain.

It's Aurealis Award time!

 [Posted 04-May-2007]

The new-look Aurealis Award website has just been launched. The Aurealis Awards recognise excellence in Australian speculative fiction: science fiction, fantasy and horror, in adult, young adult and children's categories. This year I've been selected as one of the Young Adult fiction judges, a real honour. Can't wait to start reading all the stories on offer! You can check out the great new website here .

Aspiring writers, take note!

 [Posted 02-May-2007]

I'm a big believer in the 'pay it forward' philosophy. So if you're an up-and-coming writer you might like to check out the 'About Writing' section of this website. Or you could jump over to my Live Journal, where I've just posted a few new thoughts about the business ... and where you can join the discussion with questions and observations. Don't be a stranger. Writing's a tough, lonely game. It helps to have friends to moan with ... *g*