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Orbit's fantastic new website

 [Posted 28-Jun-2007]

To celebrate the global launch of Orbit publishing -- they take off in the US this September, and in Australia next year -- they've launched a brand new website, complete with publishing information, blogs, and news releases.

As one of the US launch authors with the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duology, available this September/October, I'm thrilled to let you know about this terrific resource. Go visit it here , and remember to bookmark! 

Bits and pieces of progress

 [Posted 23-Jun-2007]

Today I hit the halfway mark on the major rewrite of The Riven Kingdom, second volume of the Godspeaker trilogy. 20 chapters completed, 20 to go. I also finished Chapter 1 of my new Stargate novel, Do No Harm. It's so much fun diving into the Stargate world again. How much do I love it, and those wonderful characters? I'm so looking forward to making their lives hell ... *g*

In other news, Empress of Mijak remains in the Australian bestseller lists -- and The Innocent Mage continues to sit in the top 5 of SFF titles in the UK.  At the risk of sounding boring and repetitive, thanks to everyone for their continued support.

The replies for the upcoming interview series Fantastic Women are coming in, and they make wonderful reading. I can't wait to share them with everyone. Stay tuned!

Finally, I just did an interview myself with the wonderful US magazine 'Romantic Times'. It's a terrific reader resource with lots and lots of articles, tips and book reviews across the genre spectrum. When I know which issue it is, I'll be sure to say.

Celebrating Fantastic Women

 [Posted 19-Jun-2007]

Keep your eyes on this website, because in the near future  you'll be able to read a series of interviews with some of speculative fiction's best women writers. Women like Glenda Larke, Kage Baker, Rachel Caine, Juliet Marillier, Marianne de Pierres -- and that's just for starters.

The questions have been distributed ... the answers are being scribbled down even now. This series of interviews promises to be a great read.

In the meantime, while you're waiting, if there's a fantastic woman writer you'd like to know more about, drop me a line via this website and I'll do what I can to get them on board! 

Empress of Mijak moves up the list

 [Posted 12-Jun-2007]

Empress of Mijak moved up two places to #6 on the national Dymocks SFF bestseller list. Many many thanks to Dymocks booksellers, for their wonderful support, and to the readers who've taken the plunge!

The Riven Kingdom's first draft is complete

 [Posted 06-Jun-2007]

At last. What a relief. The first draft of Godspeaker bk 2, The Riven Kingdom, is complete. That's the really hard part over. Now it's time for a massive amount of rewriting ... which would be the fun part of the process!

The Innocent Mage is holding steady

 [Posted 06-Jun-2007]

Amazingly, The Innocent Mage continues to sit on the UK SFF bestseller list, holding steady at #5. At the risk of sounding repetitive, enormous thanks are owed to the UK booksellers, reading public, and most especially the entire Orbit team. No debut author could ask for more incredible support.

Empress of Mijak on the Dymocks bestseller list

 [Posted 05-Jun-2007]

Empress of Mijak has debuted at #8 on the national Dymocks SFF bestseller list. That means thanks to Dymocks, and all their customers!

Empress of Mijak on Sydney bestseller list

 [Posted 03-Jun-2007]

Thanks to the fabulous support from the guys at Galaxy bookshop, Empress has hit their weekly bestseller list after 2 days on sale in store. You can visit their fantastic bookshop online here .

Another Empress of Mijak review

 [Posted 03-Jun-2007]

On the Specusphere website, Satima Flavell has this to say about Empress of Mijak:

'a vigorous and thrilling plot with many coils and curls. Hekat’s career is helped, willingly or otherwise, by a variety of well-drawn and credible characters, including the merchant Abajai, the novice godspeaker Vortka and the warlord Raklion. These male characters are all different and all interesting enough to hold our attention through to the end: Miller has a rare talent in that she is more than usually able to write convincingly from the POV of the opposite gender. '

Ms Flavell's insights and commentary are always thoughtful and balanced. The full review can be found here