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And now it's official!

 [Posted 27-Jun-2008]

Yes! I am writing two Star Wars novels. They're part of a new 5 book series set during the Clone Wars, and connected with the new animated series that's coming out this year. The truly awe-inspiring Karen Traviss (NYT #1 bestselling author) is writing the other 3. She is da bomb, with big fat bells on. More info will be shared as it comes to hand ...

Readers' Mail

 [Posted 24-Jun-2008]

I have received some truly wonderful readers' mail in the last week or so. You lovely people, I am left speechless. Sadly, deadlines right now have also left me incapable of responding to you in a timely fashion! I promise I will come back to you as soon as the current project is finished ... and that will be about a week.

In the meantime, please know you have touched my heart.


Thank you, Holland!

 [Posted 18-Jun-2008]

Wow. A great big thank you to all the readers of fantasy in The Netherlands. Your wonderful response to The Innocent Mage has really tickled me pink. And now I can advise you that the sequel, The Awakened Mage, Kingmaker, Kingbreaker book 2, will be out in October. Hope that's not too long to wait!