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The Accidental Sorcerer gets noticed

 [Posted 26-Jun-2009]

Well, this was a lovely way to start the day! Much better than the hacking cough that's been dogging me these last few weeks as I battle bronchitis.

From librarian Joan Christensen:

'The Salt Lake County Library System is pleased to announce that your book, The Accidental
Sorcerer, has been selected as a nominee for our semi-annual Reader’s Choice Award.

The Salt Lake County Library System is the largest in Utah, serving over 650,000 residents,
through 18 libraries. Twice a year, the Reader’s Choice Committee selects twenty or more
recently published books that have been recommended by other staff or customers. We want to
include those titles that are not a “best-sellers” but are so good you just can’t put
them down --- and when you do finish, you have to tell all your friends! These books are
purchased in multiples and placed on display at each Salt Lake County Library for a
four-month period. After reading any of the books on our Reader’s Choice list, customers
may rate the books using one of our ballot forms.

Some of the titles that have received the Reader’s Choice Award since beginning the
program in 1992 include Loves Music, Love to Dance (Mary Higgins Clark);; Dying for
Chocolate (Diane Mott Davidson), The Secret Life of Bees (Sue Monk Kidd); Monkeewrench (P.
J. Tracy), Good Hope Road (Lisa Wingate), Poison Study (Maria V. Snyder), His Majesty’s
Dragon (Naomi Novik), Austenland (Shannon Hale) Garden Spells ( Sarah Addison Allen), and
State of the Onion (Julia A. Hyzy). For more information, please see our website :
The site will be up on July 1.'
Wow! Thank you, guys! 

Yet more catch up -- heavy sigh!

 [Posted 20-Jun-2009]

So if you're one of the lovely, lovely people who've sent me mail in the last few weeks, you should have a reply in your inbox about now. Recent deadlines and a dreary bout of bronchitis have conspired to keep me shamefully silent again! I tell you, this year is crazy, crazy, crazy. I can't wait to see some clear water so I can just stop and think about things for a while. Much snippety news to share, so here goes:

-- There will soon be audio books available for the Godspeaker trilogy, the first two Rogue Agent books and Prodigal Mage. Please stay tuned for details, but if you're an audio book fan I wanted to give you the heads up. It's very exciting!

-- There will be a book club edition of The Prodigal Mage. Again, stay tuned for details as they come to hand.

-- Fans of the Rogue Agent series should be pleased to note that Witches Incorporated, the second book, is out in the US and UK in a couple of weeks, July. Romantic Times Book Review magazine just gave it 4 stars. I'm so chuffed!  You can pre-order now from your local bookseller or online.

-- My next Star Wars novel is turned in, and soon I'll be starting on its sequel because yes -- it's a two-part story with a cliffhanger in the middle!

-- Right now I'm writing the third Rogue Agent novel, Wizard Squared. Let's just say, Rogue Agent fans, you're in for a few surprises!

And that's about it, for now. I'm going to be hysterically busy between now and the end of the year. Slightly hysterical only in the first quarter of next year, and then I'll be taking some time off to travel, research and attend some events. Also I want to add some more stuff to this site, lots more about writing. I've learned so much the last couple of years and I want to share it with you aspiring writers out there!

As usual, if you want to keep up with me keep an eye on my blog. In the meantime, thanks for dropping by. I'm not always the fastest when it comes to updating and mail, but I treasure each and every one of you -- and I really do answer eventually! I promise!