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A starred review for The Reluctant Mage

 [Posted 26-Jun-2010]

Publishers Weekly has given The Reluctant Mage a starred review in its next issue, out June 28th. It's a huge compliment, and I'm pretty well stunned! The book is out in paperback in Australia, and releases next month in hardcover into the US and UK.

Star Wars The Clone Wars Gambit: Stealth reprinting

 [Posted 12-Jun-2010]

And it's the 3rd go, so thanks all the great fans and booksellers for the wonderful support!

A new writing article

 [Posted 10-Jun-2010]

If you're interested, I've just put up a new writing article on the website. You can find it here .

Interview at Book Expo America

 [Posted 09-Jun-2010]

While I was at the amazing Book Expo America I had the chance to sit down with the delightful Elena from, a great pop culture website. She asked great questions, with luck I gave coherent answers, and if you'd like to have a look you can do so here.


 [Posted 03-Jun-2010]

Well, I'm back from the trip to the US and it was fabulous. I met wonderful readers, writers and booksellers at both the Romantic Times Booklovers' convention and the amazing Book Expo America, as well as various Borders and Barnes and Noble stores around the country. Thanks to all.

Now the good news is that Australian readers can buy The Reluctant Mage in paperback. It's out now! US and UK readers will have to wait until next month, when the hardcover edition is released.

Also releasing in July in the US and UK is Wizard Squared, plus everyone gets the chance to finish the Clone Wars Gambit story with Siege, also out in July.

As for me, now that the jet lag is easing, it's back to work on Blight of Mages, which is out next year.