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 [Posted 20-Jun-2012]

As I cough and splutter my way through a head cold, sigh, here are a couple of recent interviews I did:


Beta reading with Donna Hanson here .

Fantasy and feminism and stuff with here .


 [Posted 14-Jun-2012]

Well, life continues to be interesting, in that pesky Chinese sense. Health on the mend, but now it's intensive physio to counter stuffed upper spine. After the lower back implosion of December, the rest of my vertebrae felt left out, apparently. Sigh. But things are improving ...

In other news:

Work on Tarnished Crown #1 continues. I think I'm having fun.

Catch up with reader mail/commentary continues. Guilt abounds.

Finally, here 's a link to a recent interview:

Aussie Snapshot 2012