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Meet Karen in cyberspace!

 [Posted 30-Jul-2007]

This Saturday, August 4th, Karen will be taking part in a virtual convention. It's all part of the leadup to the Australian convention Conflux -- but you don't need to be a con member or attendee to take part! You don't even need to be Australian!

Karen will be in the Conflux forum for one hour on Saturday night (Oz time), to chat with other spec fic fans and answer any questions readers might have. For full information on the event, including the full list of fabulous guests, you can visit the Conflux website here

Karen's workshop at the Conflux convention

 [Posted 30-Jul-2007]

At this year's Conflux convention, being held in Canberra over the October long weekend, Karen will be conducting an afternoon's workshop on writing the fantasy novel. In it she'll be covering topics like What is fantasy? How do you turn an idea into a novel? What makes for good characters? What are the uses of dialogue? Plus she'll be addressing individual's writing challenges in the Q&A session portion of the workshop.

Conflux is the convention aimed at writers of speculative fiction. This year's guest lineup includes international bestselling authors Garth Nix and Kevin J Anderson. Go visit the Convention website for full details ... and if you decide to come along, make sure to put your name down for Karen's workshop. It's free to convention members -- and promises to be a whole lot of fun.

The Fantastic Women series: Rachel Caine

 [Posted 21-Jul-2007]

Welcome to the next installment in the Fantastic Women series, a collection of interviews with some of my favourite women writers in the speculative fiction genre. This week the focus is on Rachel Caine, whose urban fantasy series 'The Weather Wardens' is just fantastic. No pun intended. *g*

You'll find the interview here ... 

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I love the smell of ...

 [Posted 17-Jul-2007]

Deadlines in the morning. Well, deadlines met, anyhow. Which is my way of saying The Riven Kingdom has gone off to copy edit, yee haw!!! The Godspeaker Trilogy is 2/3 complete. And lo, our intrepid heroes are left in the lurch, again ...

And that's all I'm gonna say! 

The Fantastic Women series: Glenda Larke

 [Posted 06-Jul-2007]

FW Glenda [thumb]Glenda Larke is one of the finest fantasy writers Australia has ever produced. Her work is detailed, intricate and emotional. Take a moment to learn more about this amazing author by going to the first of the Fantastic Women interviews: here .