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Karen appearing a Virtual Convention!

 [Posted 28-Jul-2008]

As part of the lead-up to Australia's annual, highly popular Conflux convention, there's going to be a Virtual Mini-Con this coming Saturday. Some great writers will be featured, including Yours Truly. Please feel free to come along and ask lots of questions ... Alas, my site link thing is still playing up, but here's the address for you to find the con site: -- if you do a cut and paste into your URL bar, you'll get there! And you'll find everything you need to know.

UK bookstore appearances -- stay tuned!

 [Posted 22-Jul-2008]

I'll be in the UK at the end of August, and my wonderful publisher Orbit is organising some bookstore appearances. Don't have the details yet, but when I do I'll post them here. I'm torn between utter delight and abject terror ...

Star Wars novel has a title!

 [Posted 17-Jul-2008]

And it is ... The Clone Wars: Wild Space. Thanks are owed to the wonderful Karen Traviss for that one ... my brain, she broke! No plot details forthcoming as yet, they're still under wraps. But just a reminder for any fans who are wondering: these 5 novels are companion pieces to the upcoming cartoon series. They're aimed at adult readers and are intended to complement the fine work being done on screen by the animators.


Worldcon in Denver

 [Posted 14-Jul-2008]

Assuming the current avalanche of deadlines don't do me in, I'll be attending the World Science Fiction Convention in Denver next month -- Aug 6 - 10. If you're going to be there,  I hope you come and say hi.

Here's my schedule: 

The Return of the King: novelists' fascination with monarchy -- Thursday at 1 pm -- and I'm moderating! Yikes!

The uses of horses in fantasy fiction -- Friday at 10 am
So you want to run a bookstore -- Friday at 2.30 pm -- and I'm moderating again! Double yikes!
Writing Shared World Fiction -- Saturday at 4 pm