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The Innocent Mage is coming to America!

 [Posted 21-Aug-2007]

September 1st is getting closer ... and that's when The Innocent Mage hits US bookshelves and online retailers.

Publishers' Weekly says: "This complex story accelerates nicely towards a brutal cliffhanger finale. Hints of an epic confrontation to come will leave readers eager to find out ... where Asher's destiny leads."

Romantic Times says: "Talk about making a splashing debut! Miller has created a vivid, rich world populated with characters whose lives are set on a precipice in the first book of the series Kingmaker, Kingbreaker. Epic in feel, this opening chapter sets the stage for a potentially apocalyptic collision. There's a cliffhanger ending -- thankfully the conclusion to this enthralling drama is out next month."

Wow. I'm so pleased they liked it ... 



An interview with Karen ...

 [Posted 21-Aug-2007]

Karen talks to fantasy reviewer Graeme Flory over on his review blog ... it's a great resource for readers and writers. Why not check it out here ?

The Fantastic Women series: Lois McMaster Bujold

 [Posted 05-Aug-2007]

Most fans of the speculative fiction genre know the name Bujold. It's synonymous with brilliance, and adventure, and unforgettable characters. In this, the next installment of the Fantastic Women interview series, Lois talks about life and writing and many many other interesting things.

Go here to eavesdrop on one of spec fic's great writers ... 

Bujold [thumb]

Karen at the Conflux virtual mini-con

 [Posted 05-Aug-2007]

Thanks to the amazing efforts of everyone involved with the Conflux convention, last night's chat at the virtual mini-con went really well. If you couldn't make it but would like to catch up with what was said, you can read the transcript(s) here .

More about writing ...

 [Posted 01-Aug-2007]

The On Writing section of the website has just been updated with a new article on an aspect of the writing process: this time, it's Plotting! Or you can read it in the Live Journal , where you're able to post feedback or questions about this or any other aspect of writing you'd like to know about.