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More blogging for Orbit

 [Posted 20-Aug-2011]

And here's my waxing lyrical about one of my all time favourite authors. Enjoy!

Blogging for Orbit

 [Posted 16-Aug-2011]

Orbit asked me to put together a few blog posts about this and that, and here is the first one. Enjoy!


 [Posted 15-Aug-2011]

Hey all ... well, things have been a bit quieter than usual around here, as you might have noticed. Problem is, I've been battling some ongoing crappy health since the beginning of March - yes, March -- and while I'm cautiously optimistic I'm finally on the mend, I'm still having to be guarded. I'm also working hard on finishing the next Rogue Agent novel, in and around being stuffed full of various medications and banished to bed.

So if I owe you mail, please, hang in there. I will be sorting out the backlog over the next month or so. And, as ever, thanks for the support and patience. 

Blogging for Borders

 [Posted 02-Aug-2011]

As Borders in the US slowly winds down, (so sad!) I'm doing a series of guest blog posts for them. You can find the first one here .

A Blight of Mages out now in the US and UK

 [Posted 02-Aug-2011]

Well, it's that time! The US and UK hardcover editions of 'A Blight of Mages' are now available in bookstores and from your favourite online providers. There are two slightly different covers, as you can see below. If you do pick up a copy, I hope very much that you enjoy it!


BoMUS [thumb]


The US edition


Blight UK [thumb]


The UK edition