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In the trenches ...

 [Posted 19-Sep-2007]

So, the galleys of The Riven Kingdom (Godspeaker book 2 -- but it'll have a different title in the US and UK) have been checked and returned, with many many little post-it notes where I've tweaked, twiddled, fiddled and refined the manuscript. I swear, they have to tear the pages out of my hot, sweating hands to get it to the printer!

Now it's catch up time with the blog and mail, and working my way through the copy edit of Another Project, and wrestling the Stargate novel to the ground, and letting the action percolate for Hammer of God (Godspeaker book 3, but it'll have a different title in the US and UK).

In the meantime, you could check out The Book Swede's blog for a review of The Awakened Mage (aka Innocence Lost). 

Mail glitch

 [Posted 19-Sep-2007]

As mentioned on the front page of this website, I do reply to all letters received, as promptly as current life issues allow. I've just played catch up with a few wonderful readers (thank you so much!) ... and have had a fatal error bounceback on one reply. Patricia, thank you for your lovely email. I'm sorry I can't get through to you, and I hope you see this and know how much your kind words are appreciated.

A sad day for fantasy fans worldwide

 [Posted 17-Sep-2007]

One of the genre's greatest men has left us. Robert Jordan, author of the groundbreaking 'Wheel of Time' series, has lost his battle with a rare blood disorder. Jordan transformed the face of modern fantasy writing, and introduced countless thousands of readers to the joy of reading about other worlds, other times.

If you'd like to leave a comment in recognition of a truly extraordinary writer, you can go here

Condolences to all Mr Jordan's family and friends. 

Reviews, Interviews and Giveaways

 [Posted 12-Sep-2007]

Well, things are certainly hopping out in cyberspace!

There's a review  of The Innocent Mage and an Orbit book pack giveaway (to North American residents only) at the Fantasy Critic site here .

There's a review of both Kingmaker, Kingbreaker books and an interview at The Fantasy Review site here

These sites, and the others they mention in their links section, do a great service to fans of speculative fiction. Make sure you check them out! 

Conflux is coming!

 [Posted 12-Sep-2007]

If you're a speculative fiction fan, don't forget about Conflux. It's on this upcoming long weekend at Rydge's Lakeside in Canberra. It promises to be a terrific event with great panels, great authors and great workshops. I'm giving one on Writing Fantasy Fiction. If you can make it, check out the website for more details.

Thank you, USA!

 [Posted 07-Sep-2007]

The Innocent Mage is #3 on the US spec fic mass market bestseller list this week. Wow. Huge thanks to Orbit, for their incredible support, and to all the readers in the USA who took a chance on a new author.

Catching my breath ...

 [Posted 04-Sep-2007]

Well, it's a busy time at the moment in Casa Karen. The post copy-edit final rewrite is done for The Riven Kingdom (Godspeaker bk 2). Next week I'll be checking the first round of typeset pages. Eeeek! It'll look like a real book. The copy edit comes back in for a new project (more on that later) and I sink my teeth into the next Stargate book while gearing up for Godspeaker bk 3, The Hammer of God.

Stay tuned to the website and my Livejournal -- I'll have a review round up shortly as well as a new interview.