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Sara Douglass

 [Posted 27-Sep-2011]

Australia has lost one of its pioneering voices in fantasy fiction. Sara Douglass, who burst onto the scene with Battleaxe, has passed after a long illness.  The Voyager imprint got its launch with Sara. Many Australian fantasy authors, myself included, trod the path she battered clear for us. She was a quiet soul, never one for thrusting herself into the limelight, and she leaves behind many, many fans who are mourning the loss of more great stories.

Rest in peace, Sara. And thank you.

2011 - what a year!

 [Posted 21-Sep-2011]

So, thanks to life needing something to do, I've been sick since March. On the mend now, but it has slowed me down even more when it comes to reader mail. I'm getting to it now, since I seem to be on the mend properly at last, so if you're still waiting ... thank you so much for your patience. I'll be in touch soon.

Guest blogging for Lee Battersby

 [Posted 21-Sep-2011]

It's a huge compliment to be asked to contribute a guest blog for someone else's site .. so big thanks to the inimitable Lee Battersby for letting me run my mouth.

You can read what I have to say here .