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Innocence Lost

Innocence Lost

Kingmaker, Kingbreaker - Book 2

(AUS/NZ Release)

FORMAT: Paperback
RELEASED: 14-Dec-2005
ISBN-10: 073228080X
ISBN-13: 9780732280802

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The stunning conclusion to the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker series.

Prince Gar now has the magic for WeatherWorking and is able to keep his enemies at bay, while Asher has become the most powerful Olken in the history of Lur. For them, peace and prosperity seem assured. But Morg, the evil sorcerer mage, remains trapped inside a shattered body. He knows his time is running out and that desperate measures are called for.

Unwittingly, Gar and Asher become caught up in a dangerous deception which threatens to tear apart the kingdom and destroy the fragile balance between Olken and Doranen.

And no-one, not even Dathne and her secret Circle, is prepared for the consequences when the Innocent Mage is revealed at last …

Review quotes:

Miller has plainly set out to write a story that readers of heroic fantasy will devour. She hasn't pushed any boundaries, but she's got the balance of familiarity and newness about right. And she's given hope to everyone out there with a hankering to read (or write) a fantasy epic of less than a gazillion volumes.
Most importantly,
Kingmaker, Kingbreaker is fun.

-- From Ian McHugh, ‘The Internet Review of SF’

I’d forgotten the simple pleasures of a Big Fat Fantasy, and Kingmaker, Kingbreaker is definitely a superior example of the type. I think the reason it works so well is because the story is completely character-driven (rather than epic plot-driven with stock characters painted in later). The plot is there, of course, but lurks oh-so-subtly beneath the surface until it’s time to jump up and smack you between the eyes …

Kingmaker, Kingbreaker is a page-turning debut from a very promising writer - already Miller is breaking the conventions of Big Fat Fantasy and making the genre dance to her own tune. She takes traditional fantasy elements - magical races, prophecy, royalty, evil magicians/gods, a commoner becoming a magician - and twists them with her unique blend of humour and horror until they feel utterly real.

-- From Tansy Rayner Roberts, ‘AsiF’

[Karen Miller] has written an extremely good, fast paced and action-packed story. Good characters, a good plot and a well detailed world make this one of the best new worlds that I have come across in quite a while. I highly recommend [Innocence Lost] as a very worthwhile read.

-- From Aukon

In the case of Innocence Lost … Miller demonstrates that she has honed her craft to near-perfection to draw forth a climax of cataclysmic proportions. How skilfully she sets in train the inexorable grinding of fate’s wheels as foretold by Prophecy! How dexterously she tightens the web that ensures one friend must betray the other while all the time it is apparent that only their friendship can save their world! And how adroitly she engineers the denouement of what has been a roller-coaster ride along the cliff edge of disaster!

-- From Specusphere

[In Innocence Lost] the loves and hates, hopes and despairs of these people take the reader on a magical journey with up, down, and sideways trips into fierce elation, heartbreaking sacrifice, and surprising strength of heart and mind. The final revelations are stunning.

Karen Miller is not just another fantasy writer, she is a sorceress whose spells become books.

-- From Ticonderoga Online

With Innocence Lost Karen Miller has crafted a superb conclusion to Kingmaker, Kingbreaker - well maintaining the pace, voice and themes laid out in the first novel. Together, the two books comprise a single novel, and I would not recommend reading Innocence Lost as a standalone. But I would definitely recommend reading the series in its entirety, and I'll be eagerly looking forward to this writer's next book.

-- From OzHorrorscope

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