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Witches Incorporated

Witches Incorporated

Rogue Agent - Book 2

(AUS/NZ Release)

PUBLISHER: HarperVoyager
FORMAT: Trade Paperback
RELEASED: 01-Apr-2009
ISBN-10: 0732286050
ISBN-13: 9780732286057

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Gerald is deep in training for his first official assignment - a case of espionage with international consequences. Melissande, meanwhile, has gone into business ... she's opened a new witching locum agency. A one-stop shop where magical problems are solved - for a reasonable price. Managing her own business should be a breeze after negotiating the tough tides of New Ottosland politics. The future is looking good. Good, that is, until Witches Incorporated is offered a job that puts Melissande on a collision course with Gerald. Before long, any kind of future is looking increasingly unlikely.