On this page you’ll find direct links to a wide range of websites supplying information about bookshops, authors, conventions, writing courses and groups, and anything else I think you might find useful or entertaining. This list just barely scratches the surface of what’s out there, so if you know of a website people might enjoy, and it’s not listed here, please email me and if possible I’ll include it.

My Publishers

HarperCollins Voyager --
Orbit Books --

Bookshops/Online Retailers

Galaxy --
Infinitas --
Gaslight --
Of Science and Swords --
Slowglass --
Dymocks --
A&R --
Borders --
Shearers Bookshops --
Pulp Fiction -- no website yet, but here's their email --

Australian Small Press

Mirror Danse books --
Agog press --,
Aurealis Magazine --
Andromeda Spaceways Magazine --


Karen Traviss --
Orson Scott Card --
George Martin --
Kim Wilkins --
Glenda Larke --
Trudi Canavan --
Jennifer Fallon --
Kylie Chan –
Russell Kirkpatrick –
Fiona McIntosh --
Alma Alexander --
Sara Douglass --
Sean Williams --
Traci Harding --
Tony Shillitoe --
Kage Baker --
Dave Duncan --
Lois McMaster Bujold --

Review sites

Romantic Fantasy Book Reviews --
Horror Scope --
Australian book reviews --
SF Revu --
Ticonderoga Online --
Specusphere --
UK SF Book news --
SF Crowsnest --
Australian Speculative Fiction --
Science Fiction and Fantasy --
Internet Review of SF --
Syfy Portal --
ASIF! --
Fantasy Bookspot --

Writing Workshops/courses/groups

Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild --
Infinitas Writers Group --
Online Writers Workshop --
Critters --
NSW Writers’ Centre --
Clarion South --
Odyssey Workshop –

Media interest (Stargate/Atlantis) TV shows releasing to dvd. Very bad!

Also ...

Pavilion Theatre -- where I do my thesping. Come see a show!

Voyager Messageboard -- I hang out here with other Voyager authors and a really cool bunch of readers. Why not come and join the fun? We’re almost never serious.

Locus magazine -- the industry trade paper, full of news and interview and reviews, in hard copy. On-line, an equally useful resource.

Know any other good sites? Email me and if I can I'll include them.